Friday, April 26, 2013

Pizza day makeover

It's pizza day at my daughter’s school. Rather than have her eat an overly processed pie, high in fat (13 grams) and calories (332calories). I made her the lunchables copy. Whole flat bread cut into triangles per her request with organic pizza sauce by Muir Glen. I stock up on these when they go on sale at Target and Trader Joes low fat mozzarella. Some left over salad from dinner with a vinaigrette dressing , 2 gluten free fig newtons I buy these at grocery outlet for on 2.50 a pack. A baby orange, I know they are not really called baby oranges but that is what we call them at our house. :) And last but not least water to drink.

This is one of those lunches she love and could have over and over again. She had it twice this week with different sides. 

It takes me about 5 minutes to make her lunch in the morning and she is responsible for washing out her container each night. Sometimes she or I will make her lunch the night before. When I am working full-time, I will do it the night before just to save time. I usually do this when I am cleaning up from dinner. PS The box is from Old Navy. Check out my Facebook Page to see more examples of easy school lunches.

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