Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eating Healthy for 99 cents

I often hear "eating healthy is expensive" or "I can't afford to eat healthy" Well I am here to tell you that is a myth. I started changing my diet when I was unemployed in 2009. I figured... I am home anyway, so I might as well learn something new and do something productive with my days. Since that time I have been employed, unemployed, in between and a full time student, so I think I have come up with some ways to eat healthy on a budget, no matter how much time you have.

The first one I will share with you is The 99 cents store.

This is a quick post so I am just going to post the very amateur pictures I took during my trip to 99c store, last week.  This way you can get an idea for some of the items they sell. But Really there is soooo much more...I will be back with more tips....


celery, radishes, green onions, carrots
avocado, oranges,

broccoli, oranges, mushrooms

portabella mushrooms

dark chocolate (thats healthy right?)

more shrooms 


18 eggs, this is the only item that costs more than 1.99

Dried beans- black-white-pinto- Lentils- brown rice- split peas whole wheat pasta

Lots of spices and herbs

Cantaloupe & tomatoes 3 kinds 


Potatoes- 4 different kinds

squash-onions-cucumbers artichokes-zucchini 

Yogurt regular and greek

Mixed veggies and bagged salads

dried fruits

all kind of containers to pack your food to go

sauces and dressings

I did this post super fast, so there might be a pic that is a duplicate. 

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