Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 easy ways to avoid fast food restaurants.

Purse Snacks

When we are not home, we still want to maintain our healthy lifestyle. That can be hard as the the majority of quick and easy food choices are not very healthy.

For our family Fast Food restaurants are just not an option, the quality of the food and types of food offered would just not fit into a clean eating lifestyle and with children, if you do it once they will always remember and remind you "but remember that one time we ate at Mcdonalds..."

These are the things we eat instead of a trip through the drive through window.

#1 I try to always have healthy or "healthier than" choices in my purse or backpack. Then, I have to decide if this is going to be replacing a meal or if this a true snack, then I can choose accordingly.

One of my choices could be:

  • An apple with peanut butter 
  • Tuna with crackers or celery
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Fruit leather
  • Trail mix
  • A cliff bar 
  • A whole wheat fig bar
A "healthier than" choice is something that is still a treat but is better than what it is replacing, these are not for everyday. I like to have these for my daughter so that she can still be a kid and enjoy, but I know that she is not being subjected to toxins like High Fructose Corn Syrup and/ or Food Coloring. There are many Organic products in the markets these days. Some of the ones she likes are:

Annies - This is her favorite brand. When she sees the bunny on the package she pretty much knows I will say okay.  Annies has entire line of products. All of which are free of HFCS and Food Coloring and Sugar. Since this post is about portable snacks, I will tell you which ones my daughter likes best for on the go, bunny fruit snacks and cheddar bunnies which are like goldfish crackers. I don't let her have these every day, we talk about the fact that these are treats and if you have something everyday then it is not a treat. 

As you can see from the picture labeled Purse Snacks, There is also dark chocolate and lollipops. First we will talk about the lollipops, they are by a company called Yummy Earth, again they are dye free and HFCS free, That means just like the bunny snacks the coloring comes from vegetables. You do not taste it. These are kid approved. All of my daughters friends have had them and I have never had a complaint. 

Trader Joe's Kitty Cat cookies these are so yummy and travel well, they do not crumble. I have been "told" they are great with a little nutella. 

The reason I like products, like the ones above, is that I like to be able to pull a treat out of my purse for my child, so that she does not feel deprived, instead she will quietly tell me "mom they only have junk here, nothing healthy. Do you have any good treats in your purse?"

The dark chocolate, well I must admit that is mostly for me. ;) I love chocolate and rather than being tempted by a snickers bar or a bag of Ms, I can just eat my 1 dark chocolate square and call it a day. (remember, not everyday) 

#2 Rather than fast food, I have also stopped at a grocery store and bought:
  • a piece of fruit and a yogurt (grab a spoon by the soup or keep some in your glove box)
  • box of kashi crackers with cheesesticks
  • Deli lunch meat with a loaf of whole grain bread

#3 Chipotle -  My kind of fast food. I can buy a bowl with brown rice and pinto beans for about $2.00 for a simple meal. . It can be turned into a hearty meal for a few more dollars and will feed 2 people. You can't go wrong! 

 Well, there you have it, those are our go to snacks and meals.  I will do another post that will be about planned out lunches you can take with you, if you are planning a day out. Take Care and don't forget to follow me on Facebook. :)

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